Welcome to Water Development and Management Institute

Water Development and Management Institute (WDMI), formerly known as Water Resources Institute (WRI) was established in the year 1974, being a unit in the Ministry of Water and Energy. The aim was to meet the need for middle-level water technicians under the former National massive 20-years Rural Water Supply Programme (1971-1991). In 1980 the name of the Institute was changed to Rwegarulila Water Resources Institute (RWRI).

The aim of Water Development and Management Institute is to develop and provide expertise required in the water sector through training, consultancy, and research under the policy guidelines of the Ministry of Water.

We invite all prospective students from Tanzania, East Africa, Nile Riparian Countries, SADC countries, other countries in Africa and beyond to apply for admission to studies (long- and short-term) in any of the fields and educational level shown in this prospectus. For foreign prospects it is advisable that prior communication with us should be made at least three months before commencement date of the desired training course. We also invite organizations and persons in need of advisory/ consultancy services in areas of water development (water services) and water resources management to communicate their needs to us so we can make arrangements for serving them.